Guaranteed Leads For Your Clinic...Or I Pay!
Guaranteed Leads For Your Clinic...Or I Pay!
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How Many Leads Do You Want This Month? 30? 75? 100(+) ? 
How Many Leads Do You Want This Month? 30? 75? 100(+) ? 
I Guarantee Them, OR 
I Guarantee Them, OR  
If you are a chiropractic business owner and you’ve realized:
  • There is interference in your marketing system preventing your business from growing 
  • The subluxation in your advertising are losing you patients and leaving money on the table
  • And you want to get to the root cause, fix it, and grow your business…
...then I urge you to read this letter, IMMEDIATELY. You’ll see how the Push Button Easy system corrects these problems, almost in an instant.
Dear DC,

The question isn't how many leads I guarantee.

The question is: How many leads do you want?

Do you want 25 leads this month? How about 65? How about 100 leads this month? More?

I guarantee them—or I'll pay for them out of my own pocket.

I’ll pony up my own cash if I can’t put my money where my mouth is and deliver the leads I promise you. So either way you will get the number of leads that you want, no matter if it’s 25, 45, or 105 (OR MORE). I’ll guarantee each one.

Not every business wants 100+ leads right now, I get that. But as you grow and want more, I’m ready to help you SCALE...GUARANTEED.

If I can't put my money where my mouth is, then I'll put my money where your leads are.  You’ll get all the leads your business can handle this month, next month, and every month we work together.

“Push Button Easy” Leads For You, NOW...And Every Month
If you’re at the same number of visits per week you’ve been for the past year, or 2, or 3…

Or it gets old seeing your peers grow their practices...You’re happy for them and their success, but why can’t you get there?

And you want to leave a legacy for younger practice owners. You want to show them having a Chiropractic business is profitable for ALL areas of their lives.

So how do you get it done? What’s the difference between stagnation and growth?
Increase The Number Of People Coming In Your Front Door
Here’s your PUSH BUTTON EASY plan for growth. Starting this month:
  • Partner with a company that can guarantee their promise
  • Choose the number of leads you want
  • Within 5 business days, start interacting with your leads!
Guaranteed leads is only the beginning. Here’s what you’ll want to know about your FULLY GUARANTEED leads:

1.  Your leads are sorted to people in your community who are ALREADY interested in Chiropractic services. 

That means they want what you have and they want it right now.

There’s nothing you’ve got to do -- this sorting is on auto-pilot. The last thing you want is someone in your clinic that doesn’t want or need Chiropractic. That’s a waste of everyone’s time, and your money.

2.  Digital shoppers expect almost immediate response when they want to buy.  You’ll have the technology at your fingertips to exceed their expectations.  

This tech is a desktop/mobile/tablet app that allows for near instantaneous communication.  As soon as they express interest, you’ve got the follow-up system to close them. 

This shows you care about them. It sets the tone for when they come into your office.  And it’s efficient for you and your business. 

3.  Ready to turn the dial up and get as many of those people who are hungry -- or even desperate -- for the help only you can give?

Remember, the question isn’t how many can you get...the question is: 

How many do you want?
I guarantee them.  ALL of them.
It’s Like Guaranteed Growth...“Easy Button” Style
This system is like a 300 pound Mixed Martial Arts fighter in YOUR you can have contending for YOU....THIS WEEK.
We created it using Facebook.  We designed the PUSH BUTTON EASY system to:

Sort the market like crazy.  It prioritizes those interested in Chiropractic, from those who aren’t:
   - So you get the people who most need your help
   - Who want to spend money on the life giving solutions you provide
   - Which helps you grow your office fast...and saves you money

Follows up on auto-pilot.  The system sends pre-written and recorded messages to engage with your leads. 

When they’re ready to engage with you, you’ll be ready too.  

Tracks the money.  You’ll know at a glance how many clients you get per dollar spent. 

You’ll have massive confidence in the system when it’s time to PUSH THE EASY BUTTON and scale right up.

Push The Easy Button (Below) And Start Seeing Your Leads Flow
This is simple...PUSH BUTTON SIMPLE. In fact it’s so easy that:
  • If you own a Chiropractic Clinic, and
  • If join our Facebook Advertising program, and 
  • If You follow the steps and procedures within our system, then
I GUARANTEE:  You’ll reach your monthly lead count, every month...OR
Or I will pay for your leads from my very own pocket.
If this Push Button Simple system ONLY: 
  • ​Delivered the promised number of leads to you every month...
  • ​Prioritized the market interested in your Chiropractic services from the “tire kickers” 
  • ​Automatically followed up with people who say, “Hey, I'm interested in your services…”
  • ​Raised awareness of your brand within your community…
  • ​Gave you “at a glance” ROI indicators for your business month-over-month…
But It Doesn’t Do ONE Of Them...It Does ALL Of Them For You 

What is 45 minutes of your work day worth to you? One thousand dollars? What if you spent 45 minutes on the phone with me this week? And what if that 45 minutes generated:
  • $5,000
  • $10,000
  • $20,000

One phone conversation has the potential to generate THAT MUCH CASH.  There's potential for making tens of thousands of dollars by spending a few minutes on the phone, today.
A year from now, will your business have grown...or will you be in the same place? Will you be left with the foul tasting stench of dissatisfying stagnation? Will you have slaved away and still watched your peers pass you up?

The fact WILL arrive. WHERE you arrive is your choice.

It’s right here before you:

- You can choose to stay where you are, the same size practice, same size staff, same income, the same status within the Chiropractic community, or...

- You can take hold of your vision and make it a reality. You can bring your dream to the present, make it real for you, your business, and your community. You can bring ever-increasing wellness, health and prosperity to your community. 

And to your life.

The choice is yours. If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application, and let's talk.

Deo volente, felicitatem! (God willing, prosperity!)

Adam Bird
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