The Advertising Method You’ve Never Heard Of...
And Why It’s Costing You Time, Money, And Your Sanity
Written by Adam Bird on Jan. 18th 2019
Yesterday I started a discussion on the struggles of today’s chiropractic business in getting consistent leads and clients.
We discussed that it isn’t the tool you use (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.) it's HOW you use it that matters.

 I described how I created a simple market research system (using email and my phone) to get the data I needed for my research.

And I RUDELY ended the article before I revealed my results! So, I’ll pick up right where I left off…

Why My “Cold” Market Research Ended In Hot Results
...with the result of my “cold” market research system: I got 5 responses out of the 30 people I contacted.
That’s almost a 17% response rate.

I have no idea what a “good” response rate is for cold calling. But 17%? Not bad for a first try.

Not to mention it was for a group of people that had no idea who I am. I’d never contacted them before. And I had to go through “gatekeepers” to get their attention.

Why did this work so well? How did I know my actions, the steps I took, would get me the responses I needed?

The Secret Sauce Of All Successful Advertising (If You Want To Sell Something...Otherwise Just Do Whatever)
Because I based it on the principles of direct response advertising.

If you’ve never heard of direct response advertising, and you want

    1. More leads
    2. More sales
    3. And you want them consistently...

...Learn as much as you can about, or hire an advertiser who knows, how to use direct response advertising for your business.


Because it’s a proven method of advertising.

One Of The Top Chefs Of The Secret Sauce Of Direct Response
You may, or may not, have heard of David Ogilvy. He’s a legend in direct advertising. He started out as a door-to-door oven salesman. He then created one of the most successful advertising agencies in the 20th Century, Ogilvy & Mather.

There are others who’ve made sizable impacts, and fortunes, in direct response advertising:

    - John Caples

...but let’s just focus on David for a minute.

David and his agency created advertisements for companies like:

    -Rolls Royce
    -Pepperidge Farm Bread
    -Shell Oil
    -The territory of Puerto Rico

And many more….

Maybe you recognize some of the brands, maybe not.

The point is: his company billed billions in advertising, because he knew how to do it. He was an expert. He knew how to sell with the printed word.

And you should know how too.

Ok, you’re asking “How do I get this done? What principles should I follow to make my advertising efforts more successful? What’s the big secret?”

….I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Until then, let me know in the comments: What method is getting clients consistently in your chiropractic office? 

Adam Bird

Adam Bird helps chiropractors grow successful businesses.  He is an expert at helping chiropractors get clients using online methods.  He makes things super simple to understand.

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