Violate These Advertising Principles And Kiss Your Business Goodbye
Written by Adam Bird on Jan. 19th 2019
Ok, I promise I’ll finish the article and wrap it up more cliff hangers! :)
But before we begin, a quick review:
On day 1 we talked about: 

    - Why chiropractic businesses need consistent leads and clients
    - Methods of advertising are more important than the media
    - Real life example of using direct response

On day 2 we covered:

    - Results of my real life example
    - “Grandfather’s” of direct response advertising

And for day 3, I promised to lay out the principles of direct response.
So here they are. You might recognize them from my cold “calling” example in my previous post..

Want Consistent Leads And Clients? Follow These Principles...Always.
    1. Trackable.  All your advertising should be trackable. This means you should know where your lead came from. If you don't, then you won't have any idea how effective your effort is.
Lets say you’ve got a Twitter account and a Facebook page. You’ve got followers on both, and you post the same information (or close to it, to save time) on each account.
Clients are coming because of your monthly dinner, and you’re getting leads walking in the door...and you’re not sure how they found out about you.

    - Was it word of mouth?
    - From Facebook?
    - From Twitter?
    - If they’re from Twitter or FB, which post(s) convinced them to make the call and set up and appointment?
    - What about word of mouth? Did they hear about you from a current or former patient?

You wouldn’t know unless you have a tracking system.

    2. Measurable.  You can measure the return on your advertising investment. Unless you’re paying for your traffic, you’re probably not tracking and measuring. And if you are paying for traffic, you’re likely not measuring your results.

If you’re running a business and you don’t know the Return on Investment (the money you’re making….or not making…from a paid ad effort) then you’re most likely wasting money. You’re lighting it on fire and watching it burn.

    3. Headlines and copy. Everyone that’s read a newspaper or magazine knows what a headline is. The question is: are you using the power of headlines to get attention for your ads and posts? If the answer is “no,” then you’re sacrificing your results by not using this powerful tool.

“Copy” when used in the context of advertising, are the words you use to communicate in your ad. Copywriting is an art and science unto itself (which is why I invested in becoming certified by a master copywriter) and is another “force multiplier” in your advertising arsenal. Don’t ignore copy if you want a high return on your advertising investment.

    4. Written for specific audience. This is what copywriters do best - they know how to tailor your message for your audience, so your audience responds to your ad. They know how to write so your ads don’t look like ads. Instead, they look like something you wrote to your friend, or like an editorial in a newspaper.

    5. Makes an offer (specific one). Direct response ads make a specific offer tailed for your audience. Some advertisers make the mistake of trying to sell something straight from the ad itself. It’s hard to do. Which is why we have the 7th principle below.

    6. Demands response. This is asking the prospect to respond. It’s a call to action (CTA). If done right, the CTA is hard to refuse and the viewer takes the next step in the process. If you’re following the principles, is captured in your tracking system and measured by your Key Performance Indicators.

    7. Multiple steps, including follow-up.  It’s tough to sell something on a first impression. Direct response uses this as an advantage. The tools on the market today can automate these steps.

    8. Longer term follow up of leads.  Sometimes people want your offer...but they forget. Direct response ensures you’ve prepared a longer term strategy. You’ll re-engage with your potential client and present your offer again. Technology makes this simple and efficient.

Implement These Principles And Get These Results: Serve People, Scale Your Business, And Make Money
I hope the principles and merits of direct response advertising are clear to you. If you’re ready you’re ready to implement them in your business...congratulations! You’re on your way to providing a consistent stream of leads and clients for your business.
Now, you may be thinking, “that’s a lot of to learn and implement...and I need results now.”

I’ve got a proven method of implementing direct response for chiropractors to get consistent leads and clients for their businesses. Reach out for a strategy session here and we can discuss how I can help you.

Question : What is one thing you can do today to implement direct response principles in your advertising?

Adam Bird

Adam Bird helps chiropractors grow successful businesses.  He is an expert at helping chiropractors get clients using online methods.  He makes things super simple to understand.

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