What Every Chiropractic Business Wants...And 3 Reasons Why They Don’t Have It
Written by Adam Bird on Jan. 17th 2019
A profitable, consistent lead generation system is the dream of every chiropractic business.
I assume that goes for any and every business!  Who DOESN'T want clients lining up outside your door?
But what I hear from docs is the “methods” to attract a consistent stream of clients seems to change with the wind. This year it’s video on YouTube, next year video on Facebook, the year after, posting on Instagram is what “works.”

I understand this pain.  Who wants to master a new “tool” every year? No one. Not when you have a business to run.
Is It Possible To Have ONE WAY To Get Consistent Leads And Clients?
The answer is “yes.”
But it’s not what you're thinking.

It's not a certain tool. Or a specific tactic within a specific tool.

Facebook isn’t “the way.” Instagram isn’t “the way.” Blogging isn’t “the way.”

It’s not really about the tool you’re using to market your business., like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram...the tools are endless...

And before I answer the question, I’ll ask another one: What did businesses use BEFORE the turn of the century and the internet?

Television, radio, newspaper, and the yellow pages.

Does anybody still use any of those?

HOW did ANYONE get clients back then?

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Leads And Clients Consistently
We have such a plethora of tools at our disposal today. It causes us to act first and not take time to think how we should apply the tool to get the results we want.
So we end up doing:

    a) What we see everyone else doing
    b) What we think will “work”...
    c) ...but we don’t iterate and test to really find what does work.

This is problem for the modern day chiropractor. New patients are a lifeblood for your clinic. You need to excel at getting a consistent stream of them...every month.

If the problems aren’t the tools, WHAT ARE THEY?
The Problem With Your Marketing...And How To Fix It
The problem is the METHOD. HOW we use the tools we have at our disposal is more important than WHICH tool we use.

Let me walk through a small example of my own I encountered recently.

I wanted some market data on a particular niche. I knew a couple of people in that niche, but not enough to complete my requirements. I needed a few more data points to round out my research.

So, I created a list (a small list, only 30 people) of people that fit my niche description. I went to work calling them...NOPE. STOP. WRONG. THAT IS NOT WHAT I DID.
How I Got What I Wanted, Served Other People, And Didn’t Waste Anybody’s Time
    1.  The first thing I did before I even created the list was define the GOAL. What did I WANT as a result of my interaction with this niche?

    2. Once I had that down, I worked backwards, using my ideas (hypothesis) on what it would take to get a response (FYI: this was a “cold” venture).

    3. When I had the process I was going to take each person through, I created a tracking sheet.
...ok, chorus of groans...GO...

    Now that’s over with, creating a tracking mechanism is important. Why?

        - I knew where each person is my process. This kept me from wasting a lot of time...mine and my audience’s time.
        - I knew when I could stop. The tracking sheet protected me from over or under working.
        - Performance of my system. I knew which part of my process was performing, and what wasn’t. After a certain amount of data, I could look back and really see what was going on in my process.

    4. Once I created my tracking sheet, I moved on to my messaging. What does this niche care about enough that will get them writing back to me?

    5.  Next, and since I was just doing research and didn’t have an offer for them, I offered to share my results with them. And I offered to share the solution I’d come up with to help them fix the problem.

After that my little program was complete, so I put it into motion.

You know what...I realize this is getting a bit long. I’ll be back tomorrow with my results from my “cold” market research!

Until then, let me know in the comments: What’s your biggest frustration in marketing and selling your chiropractic services?

Adam Bird

Adam Bird helps chiropractors grow successful businesses.  He is an expert at helping chiropractors get clients using online methods.  He makes things super simple to understand.

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