What is Adam Bird Consulting All About?
What is Adam Bird Consulting All About?
We're About Results.
In 2012 my wife asked what I wanted to do for my birthday.  The answer I gave scared her half to death.
"I can't imagine living another 30 years feeling like this."
I was sick. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to “get better.” I defined “get better” (my Result) as:
Before - Man...I felt miserable
  • No more headaches
  • No more having to leave the room because perfume/cologne made my head split in two
  • Losing at least 20 pounds
  • Having energy to play with my kids after work
  • No more brain fog
  • No more wondering what the heck is going on with my health
The first Process I tried was the normal medical system. I got nowhere...SLOWLY (story for another time).

Then, Providence led me to a set of Chiropractors, who sent me through their processes. 
The Way To Results Is Through The Right Process With The Right Inputs
Crazy note: These folks were my neighbors of all people! I had NO IDEA chiropractors could help with so many issues...until I told them about my issues!

Anyway, I filled out all their paperwork. I went through their eval process. They created a care plan for me. I diligently applied their processes...

...and BAM! I (we) accomplished every one of the Results I wanted. 
After - I felt GREAT!
How does this apply to growing a chiropractic business, and specifically, advertising? Let’s work backwards and find out.

What Result do chiropractic business owners want?

If you’re a business owner, you want a business that creates freedom and impact.


Through longevity. How do you get longevity?

Cash flow. Make more cash IN than OUT, year after year. This gives you freedom to create a business that delivers maximum impact.

For-profit business owners don't deny the benefit of more cash. Cash is amazing -- and necessary -- because it allows your business to grow (without you, if you want) so you: 
  • ​Impact an ever larger part of your community 
  • Create freedom from disease, sickness, and wasted potential
  • Design the freedom you want for you and your family
How We Can Help You Get Results In Your Chiropractic Business
How can we help you? Working backward again…

If you want more freedom and impact, then you need to create cash. One way to create cash is having more paying patients in your business.

If you want more patients, you need to bring them through your sales process.

More people in your sales process means you’ll need a steady stream of qualified leads. 
That's where we can help you. We help you “input” people into the front of your patient generating cash machine.
  • Input: More leads 
  • Process: More people in sales process
  • Result: More Cash
I Guarantee Your Leads Every Month Or I’ll Pay For Them Myself
You’ll always have: 
  • The right number of qualified leads  
  • At the right price
  • To grow at the speed you want.
If you’re interested in:
  • ​Guaranteed leads so you can increase your patient volume 
  • Creating cash by increasing the size of your practice
  • Enjoying the impact your business creates on your community and your life
The quickest way for you to get there is by having a conversation.
If you feel like this might be right for you:
That’s it! After 30 - 45 minutes we’ll know each other enough to see if this opportunity is right for you. If I can't help, or the relationship isn’t a fit, I’ll say so and nobody is on anybody’s “hook,” for anything!

BUT, if I can help, I’ll say so. And I’ll invite you into the process of creating the RESULTS you want.  Results for your business, community, and life.

Deo volente, felicitatem! 
(God willing, prosperity!)
- Adam Bird