About Adam Bird
Adam's goes to work every day to fight disease by working with corrective care chiropractors.  By growing corrective care chiropractic offices using direct response advertising, he is helping people live fulfilling lives.
Adam believes society's “norm” for health and wellness is backwards.  Society's way of living hurts us instead of helping us live awesome and fulfilling lives. Normal is sick, or hoping not to get sick.  We can live life expecting to be well.

Adam followed society’s “normal” for wellness and it left him sick, dejected, and discouraged. A team of corrective care chiropractors taught him how to live at an incredibly high level of wellness. Now, he partners with those same kind of experts to help others thrive.

Adam's happily married to RaeAnn they have five children. When he's not working he's playing with kids, he;ping with homework, and enjoying the kid's activities.  He admits it is a full life, but a fulfilling one, because he has the healthy body, mind, and spirit, to enjoy it and live it to the full.